You’re In-Charge of Your Own Career

One of the most common mistakes professionals early in their careers is they rely on others when it comes to their careers. This reliance on third parties is why you are falling behind your colleagues.

Remember this fundamental principle throughout your career: the person responsible for it is you. No one else.

Mistake #1

Take, for example, the typical fresh graduate who enters the workforce. They don’t know anything about office culture, etiquette, promotions, and other work aspects.

What do they do at this point?

They either turn to internet sites and social media offerings them tips that aren’t rooted in reality. Or worse, they rely on pop culture (movies and TV shows) to shape how they view the workplace. More often than not, this backfires on them and they end up blaming their company.

These first experiences are crucial to how their view of the workforce in its entirety.

To get ahead, you have to manage your own career.

Mistake #2

Another aspect is that they rely on HRs to tell them these things. But in reality, they can’t do anything for you.

It’s not that they won’t. Rather, they can’t.

They are swamped with administrative work. On average (and apparently by recommendation), one HR rep supports 100 people. Think about that.

That’s why they can’t spend as much time training and developing your career. Even if there are so-called training programs in your company, it’s not enough.

That is why you have to remember is that you control your own career. If you’re not getting anywhere, it’s your own fault. Not anyone else.

Start by learning the secrets of every successful professional. Then, learn the basics of career management here.

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