The Interview Starts the Moment You Apply for the Job

A lot of young professionals think that the interview process begins when they enter the hiring company’s office. If you know what the interviewing process really is, you’ll understand that that thought process is inherently wrong.

Unfortunately, this wrong thinking is also why a lot of terrible advice regarding interviewing exists on the internet.

Interviews Are Designed to Keep People Out

A principle you need to remember is that the interview process is designed by companies to keep people out.

Think about it.

If the interview process is to get people in, then companies would have hired the first person who applied for the role. But that’s not the case.

Yes, the company is looking for a person to fill a need. But that doesn’t mean they will accept just anyone for it.

That’s why…

Each Step is a Pruning Process

If the interview process is designed to keep people out, that just means each step will cut out people. This is why there’s often only one job offer.

If hundreds of people applied, by the end of it, the company will only give the role to one person.

Keep this in mind which means…

Interviewing Starts the Moment You Submit an Application

If you zoom out, the interviewing or hiring process begins with the company. Whether its from growth or an employee leaves, the hiring process starts when the company identifies a need that needs to be fulfilled.

They then put this together into a job ad that lists qualifications and requirements for it. They are primarily looking to answer two questions for the entire hiring process.

But as an applicant, the interview process starts the moment you apply for the job. When you submit your application, whether that’s through a job portal or emailing your resume, the application process begins.

If you think about the pruning process, if you don’t make it to the next stages, then you were already disqualified. This means that you didn’t do well in your application.

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